What is FIBCEM

FIBCEM is a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

The full project title is: Nanotechnology Enhanced Extruded Fibre Reinforced Foam Cement Based Environmentally Friendly Sandwich Material for Building Applications, abbreviated into FIBCEM.

Who is behind FIBCEM

The FIBCEM Consortium, led by Cembrit Holding A/S, consists of 10 project partners from 5 different European countries (Spain, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Denmark).


The FIBCEM Consortium includes all important universities and industry partners needed to reach its objectives.


What is FIBCEM 
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Who is FIBCEM?

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What's happening in FIBCEM?

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FIBCEM | SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME | THEME NMP-2010-1.2-2 | Grant agreement no. 262954